8271 Melrose Ave | Suite 110

Los Angeles, CA 90046


Phone: (213) 277-8372
Fax: (475) 313 - 1260

8271 Melrose Ave | Suite 110

Los Angeles, CA 90046


Phone: (213) 277-8372
Fax: (475) 313 - 1260

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The compassionate, responsive, and empathic mental health care you deserve.


Consultations and appointments at our office in West Hollywood, CA


Consultations and appointments from anywhere in California!

Case Review

Case reviews, expert opinions, and thorough reports.

West Hollywood Office

8271 Melrose Ave

Suite 110

Los Angeles, CA 90046

OR CALL (213) 277-8372

If you are already a patient of Dr. Ingram, please use your Luminello EMR patient portal to send messages and other patient related information. Thank you!

Telepsychiatry Services

Receive Care From Anywhere!

Dr. Ingram provides Telemedicine/Telepsychiatry services using doxy.me, a HIPAA-Compliant telemedicine software. Doxy.me is very easy to use and does not require any downloading. All you need is an internet connection and a phone or computer with a camera! 

Telemedicine in psychiatry (telepsychiatry) is a validated and effective practice of medicine that increases access to care. The American Psychiatric Association supports the use of telemedicine as a legitimate component of a mental health delivery system to the extent that its use is for the benefit of the patient, protects patient autonomy, confidentiality, and privacy; and when used consistent with APA policies on medical ethics and applicable governing law.” – American Psychiatric Association¬†

For more information about Telepsychiatry, visit the American Psychiatric Association (APA) website by clicking the link below:

What is Telepsychiatry?

Telemedicine provided by Doxy.me

Telepsychiatry Services are provided through Doxy.me, a FREE HIPAA compliant Telemedicine Software.

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8271 Melrose Avenue
STE 110
Los Angeles, CA 90046

Phone: (213) 277-8372
Fax: (475) 313-1260

Let’s work together to create a treatment plan just for you!

We Are Friendly To All!

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