Which path are you going to choose?

Does this sound familiar?

Thoughts racing, heart pounding, and that feeling in our chest that something just isn’t right. The “what ifs,” the “should haves,” and the doubt that holds us hostage to a future we can’t control.

“Just be in the moment” is the advice we can’t hear because our minds are too busy ruminating on a past we can’t change or a future we can’t control.

Paralyzing. Stuck. Lost. That’s what being in this moment feels like for us. Running on a treadmill to nowhere, we wonder why fatigue is our everyday norm. And those short-lived moments of peace and joy scare us because we don’t want the fall to hurt us more.

“It will be okay” is a confidence we don’t trust.

“Just relax” confirms that no one understands us.

“You’re so strong” is a compliment we don’t believe because we are too stuck on “Am I good enough?” or “What if people find out who I really am?”

If this resonates with you then you aren’t alone. So, when life gets tough–and it will get tough–you will have to choose which path you are going to take…

Which path are you going to choose?

Imagine life as a path through a very dense, mysterious, and frightening forest where the end of the path is the end of life. There are two paths you can take to reach the end.

The first path is a straight line to the end.

The first path is safe, comfortable, and predictable. There is little to see on this path and there is little to experience. On the straight path, you can avoid your fears, blame others for your problems, and feel comfortable every step of the way.

On the straight path there are no hardships, no problems to solve, and no struggles to overcome. You can hide behind social media and show the world only those parts of yourself that you want the world to see lest others reject the most vulnerable yet authentic parts you hide. Or you can take the second path.

The second path is a winding maze.

The second path is full of mountains, dirt roads, slippery mudslides, quicksand, waterfalls, and who knows what else. The second path is uncomfortable, frightening, and confusing at times. But this path is full of life lessons and obstacles to overcome. It’s the path that humbles you, brings you to your knees, and hurts sometimes. This path leads you to beautiful sights, smells, and sounds. It is full of meaning, purpose, and beauty–but only if you give yourself permission to stop and enjoy it along the way. 

Now imagine that one of you takes the first path (i.e., the straight path) and the other takes the second path (i.e., the scary maze).

Can you imagine the conversation between you two at the end? Can you imagine which of you would tell the best stories, share the most wisdom, and feel the most fulfilled? Just imagine how that conversation would go…

So which path are you going to choose?

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